Lee Kum Kee

Your Main Squeeze

Lee Kum Kee, a well-established brand in Asian flavors, aimed to increase its presence and brand recognition in the competitive US market. With limited name recognition, the goal was to create a campaign that would serve as a gateway for consumers to discover and fall in love with Lee Kum Kee through its sriracha sauce.

The campaign aimed to position Lee Kum Kee as a lifestyle brand and increase customer lifetime value by targeting a younger audience beyond traditional foodies and recipe bloggers.

Innerspin Marketing crafted the entire overarching concept and strategy for the “Your Main Squeeze” campaign with a multi-faceted approach to reach the target audience:

Imagery: The campaign imagery centered around the iconic Lee Kum Kee sriracha bottle, ensuring that consumers could easily identify the product and learn more about it.

Microsite: A centralized hub, srirachalove.com, was created to drive traffic via digital, social, and traditional marketing channels. The microsite provided information about sriracha and allowed consumers to find Lee Kum Kee — their perfect partner — online or in stores using the product locator.

SEO and SEM: Innerspin developed a data-driven SEO strategy to ensure high-ranking results for the microsite. Additionally, Google Ads were used to increase market share, take over the online sriracha conversation, and capture hearts all across the US.

Social media: Video ads were created for social media to draw viewers in with lifestyle imagery and direct them to the microsite. We also guided the creation of organic content — an intentional departure from Lee Kum Kee’s typical recipe videos — to appeal to a younger audience.

Merchandise and giveaway: We produced a limited run of Lee Kum Kee streetwear and merchandise to generate excitement around the brand. A giveaway contest was developed to collect email addresses and engage with consumers.

Influencers: Partnerships with creators were formed to generate buzz around sriracha and promote the giveaway. Influencers received kits with merchandise, including valentine cards to share with their followers, spreading love and brand awareness.

Out-of-home: Billboards, wildpostings, digital displays, and subway ads were deployed in key cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to extend the campaign’s reach, making Lee Kum Kee a sweet/spicy story told in every corner.